New Construction

New Construction Design

Staging model homes have become the smartest trend in new home developments and in-fill projects. Utilizing our $15M of on-hand inventory, Parker Rose Design will create a model home look and feel for a fraction of the price of traditional furnishings. Our quick service and experienced design staff mean that time and quality aren’t sacrificed.

We also specialize in staging standing inventory as a fast, cost-effective way to bridge the gap between a model and a vacant unit. Prospective home buyers fall in love with the model, but a vacant unit can pale in comparison. Staging helps create an emotional connection a specific unit. By utilizing our Model Move Program, builder clients can create this connection again and again while amortizing the cost over multiple units.

Model Move Program

Parker Rose Design is proud to continue one of the most significant cost saving services in the industry—our Model Move Program. Model homes are always the first to sell. And when they do, there’s no need to start the staging process all over again. For clients with multiple units to sell, this program will revolutionize the way standing inventory is sold.

Parker Rose Design will move your model quickly to a similar unit for a small per-square-foot fee. Moving your model allows you to amortize the initial staging cost over multiple units. Your marketing costs continue to go down as sales continue to go up. You’ll never be without a model to show!