Premier Home Staging

We help sell impressive homes

When selling a home in the luxury market, your priority is to communicate its unique value to prospective buyers. At Parker Rose Design we understand how to generate maximum interest (and offers) for your home. We stage your space as an immersive experience, where homebuyers can envision themselves waking up and living the life of their dreams. When that happens, consider it sold!

With ​Seamless Professional Service

We are California’s premier home staging company with the largest on hand inventory selection and a dedicated staff of award winning, four year degree interior designers.

When you’re in need of home staging services, call the team with over fifteen years experience serving the luxury real estate market. Our designs are flawless. Our results are dramatic and worth every penny.

And Expert Design Services​

​​We accommodate all styles from urban to traditional, rustic to contemporary and everything in between. With over $15 million of high end furnishings and accessories we are ready to deliver and impress!

Our designers will customize a professional home staging solution based on your needs and your budget, to tell the story of your luxury home. Each project is personal and will be tailored to enrich the architectural design of the home and put its best features on display.

To Boost Emotional Appeal

​​Successful staging makes visitors feel welcome, as if they have stepped into their new home. We carefully curate each element in your home to invite potential buyers into an emotional and financial investment.


  • Stylish, high quality furniture
  • Artwork to complement the aesthetic of the home
  • Accessories to add a personal warmth

choose your service level

Parker Rose Design offers two levels of luxury home staging services. Both offer personalized service and high quality products. Choose based on the scope and budget of your project or reach out to our team below to help you determine which will fit your needs best.

Ultimate Staging

This service level is perfect for: new home developments, spec builders luxury real estate homes, exclusive condominium projects

  • • Highest Level of Service
  • • Exclusive Furniture
  • • Custom Artwork
Signature Staging

This service level is perfect for: new home development models, standing inventory, high end homes, properties with challenging floor plans

  • • Expert Service
  • • Stylish High End Furniture
  • • Wall Decor and Accessories



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